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How does an Open Forum work?

Forget everything you thought you knew about meetings ...

With an Open Forum, we invite you to live a unique collaborative experience.

Everything starts from a circle.

At the center of this circle: a question, an interrogation, a line of thought chosen and thought out by a steering committee, made up of the greatest possible representative diversity. The question is neither chosen, nor ordered by managers or directors, and this is important. In the circle, all persons in the organization have an equal position, role and value. There are no predefined agendas, specific schedules, topics, or outcomes.

So everything starts from a circle... Participants will stand up one by one and suggest ideas in relation to the given subject. Each proposal then finds its place in "a market place" that is created directly on a wall: with sessions and slots that are organized organically.

Then, we trust the 4 principles of the Open Forum, and we let ourselves be carried by them:

- the people who show up are the right ones

- what happens is the only thing that could happen

- it starts when it starts

- when it's over, it's over

Participants choose the discussions in which they want to participate and contribute: circulating freely and at will. They apply the "law of mobility or the law of two feet": if you are neither learning nor contributing, you move on!

For each discussion and each self-created and self-managed group, a report is rendered and posted in the "news room" for everyone to see. So each person is directly involved where they want to be and indirectly included in the whole.

Open Forums allow a powerful generative collaboration through ideas and answers that emerge thanks to the circle and each person who composes it. In the following steps, we bring these ideas together, and allow the group to determine which ones are priorities, and to commit to helping them flourish.


“My fears arose in the preparation stage: it is difficult for a leader to trust, to start without knowing what will emerge, or not. My fears evaporated when I saw the first person stand up to contribute his proposal and then all those who followed. What has emerged belongs to the whole company and not just to my board of directors. No turning back possible." Soeren, President of an International Cooperative, Denmark

"As a logistician in our warehouses, I have been asked to contribute to the CSR strategy of our company and therefore to our future. I've never been asked that before. I am now in charge of one of the pilot projects that has emerged and it is a real source of pride" Pascal, logistician, Cosmetics SME, France

"I was amazed by the proximity I felt, and by the intuitive simplicity of the process: moving from one conversation to another, joining the central group, as if I were there" Armand, 46, participant in an online Open Forum

Please do not hesitate to contact us to understand how an Open Forum can serve your organization. In 2020, we transposed the 'in person' process 'by creating a dedicated and exclusive online platform: to adapt to your needs regardless of the context.

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