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Inspirational people: Frederic Laloux

It's hard to know where to start... Reading Frederic Laloux's flagship book "Reinventing Organizations" profoundly impacted our conceptions regarding companies and their ecosystems. Frédéric Laloux is a researcher and author, but much more than that.

"Reinventing Organizations" dissects the evolution of human organizations, to identify a new model: that of "opal" or "liberated" organizations where trust is given to humans and their full capabilities. By drawing on real cases around the world, Laloux draws new possibilities for organizations that make all preconceptions implode. There is no more pyramid: no more roles, titles, or functions. The book is therefore addressed to all those who question the models in place, and feel that another way is possible. But Frédéric Laloux, the man, is also an inspiration. He lives with his family in an ecovillage in the United States, and advocates Conscious Leadership anchored in a modern and responsible spirituality.

It's our pleasure to invite you to discover the man and his work.

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