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Online AND connected: what are the requirements...?

In 2020, almost everyone has discovered remote meetings using Zoom or other platforms ...

with astonishment ?

with enthusiasm ?

and then…

with boredom, frustration and rejection ...

At ‘Codeveloppons’ we have fortunately been practicing long distance for a long time: a decade already, as we work with many international groups and associations.

So: we are familiar with the challenges of bad connections, untimely interruptions, and dull and dreary interventions...

In 2020: people had to adapt, improvise and 'deal with it'.

In 2021: like many, you may choose to stay 'online'.

The tools of "Collective Intelligence" are not only perfectly suited to be used online, they are establishing themselves as an obvious necessity. Thanks to specific and well thought out processes, we can move from sterile and one-way conversations, to positive and productive exchanges. Communicating and exchanging should never be a chore, so we strive to always make it a pleasure.

It is clear that human connection is being missed. Online technology overcomes this, but does not replace it. We therefore invite you to RE-INVIGORATE the human connection in your online interactions: by making online moments authentic, inclusive, engaging and worthwhile. We have specifically adapted the fundamental tools of "Collective Intelligence" to reduce distances: by working with dedicated developers to allow you to hold workshops, weekly or monthly meetings, CoDev groups, Open Forums and World Cafés online.


"I was amazed by the proximity I felt, and by the intuitive simplicity of the process: moving from one conversation to another, joining the central group, as if I were there" Armand, 46, participant in an online Open Forum

"The coaches from " Codeveloppons "welcomed us online but differently, by giving not only the floor but also the control of the process to the speakers: suddenly, I felt active and involved, rather than passive" Thierry, 28, online World Café participant

"My CoDev group went from being face-to-face to online: it actually gained in depth: I was surprised and delighted to spend this moment cut off from everything except the circle and its nuggets of gold!" Alix, 42, CoDev online group participant

Feel free to tell us about your circumstances, so that we can transform them into assets:

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