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What are 'Codev' groups?

A "CoDev" or "Codevelopment" group brings together a small circle of people who share professional issues, and who will learn together by cultivating their “Collective Intelligence” thanks to a six-step process structuring speaking, listening and thinking and encouraging action.

It allows them to progress with the help of a group of peers, in a caring and constructive atmosphere. It's learning by doing, deepened through trust.

In a CoDev group: the participants commit to

Listen carefully ... Speak with intention ... Be benevolent ... Trust each other… and Respect the framework ...

How does it work concretely?

We host CoDev groups consisting of one 1,5 hour face to face or online session per month with a commitment for 6 or 12 months. In each session, one of the participants takes on the role of "client", the others being his "consultants", with the objective of helping him with his current "3P". Your "3P" is a concern / a project / or an issue that you want to clarify through the process experienced in the group. The "client" therefore changes at each session, and the content is not fixed in advance, but built based on the issues of the day.

We set up CoDev groups within companies, associations, and organizations with a variety of themes or focuses. And we also offer CoDev groups for individuals.

In general, each month, a new group is formed: contact us to find out about existing / future groups:

Testimonials, because "CoDev cannot be explained ..., it needs to be experienced..."

“I come away from each session with ideas that would not have occurred to me otherwise: when I am a client, but also often surprisingly: when I am not…” Rose, 54, project manager "Attending my CoDev group every month gives me an appointment with myself, to take a step back and also make me accountable for my actions" Antoine, 34, web developer "CoDev allowed me to discover that by listening to others, I learn about myself and my situation" Pascale, 47, logistics manager To find out more, the official website of Codeveloppement:

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